An open source project, Artizen grants are funded and curated by your community. Membership dues from grant supporters are pooled and awarded to projects selected by fellow fans, creators, and industry leaders providing more sustainable support for the artists in your community.

Community Owned

Artizen makes it easy for anyone in the community to create a new grant for free. And thanks to our unique crowdfunding model, Artizen gives you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards.

Community Funded

Artizen harnesses the goodwill of your community to fund grants and contribute artist benefits. In exchange for monthly dues, grant supporters earn upvote credits, submit credits, and public recognition as leaders in art, tech, and entertainment.

Community Curated

Each month grant supporters receive a fixed number of upvote credits to review project submissions. At the end of the award cycle, the project with the most upvotes automatically wins the grant. Grant supporters are also encouraged to give constructive feedback on submissions to help artists improve their projects. All feedback is open and transparent allowing for healthy community debate.

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